Brooklyn Heights Promenade Magic

Meena and Dean got married beneath sunny skies on the Brooklyn Promenade.  They were accompanied by their adorable 4-year-old son who read them a passage from Winnie The Pooh. 

Meena’s bouquet held special significance as it was wrapped with the same ribbon as her sister’s wedding bouquet and even contained some of the same bedazzled pieces too. Fastened right below the flowers was a small compass that belonged to her late mother.  “I wanted to have a piece of them with me,” Meena said, “and I hope that one day this same bouquet will be passed on to another family member when they’re ready to get married.”


Byron Bay love birds elope at the Mall in Central Park

Ebony and Warwick traveled from Australia with their little one, Frida, and eloped in Central Park on a beautiful (and hot) July afternoon.  They are so grateful to their friend, Shell, who connected them.  She had already been plotting their love story for years and years.

They fell madly in love and Warwick proposed with a champagne picnic on the beach!

Their favorite times spent together are strolls around their neighborhood, by the lake, and every moment with their Frida.


Photos: Samm Blake

the Sweetest last-minute elopement at Wagner’s Cove!

Sylvia and David reached out to me a little over a month before their wedding, looking for an officiant for their Central Park wedding. They are the sweetest people and couple and at Honeybreak Officiants, we are always so grateful to connect with good people - plus it’s such a fun bonus to add more of these last minute elopements on the calendar! 

Their wedding date fell in the middle of a pretty rainy week in September, but it was clear skies and 80° for their day, only! They got married at Wagner’s Cove surrounded by a small group of their family and friends. Their adorable puppy was there too, and she was so eager to see them as they descended the stairs and became visible for their family’s “first look” of them in their bridal attire. They looked amazing, of course, but the best was the way they looked at each other!


Tying the Knot in Midtown Traffic

Sometimes, the most peaceful spots in the city are found in the most unexpected places.  Like a hidden nook on an island separating 6 lanes of traffic.  This spot holds special meaning for K & R, who decided it would also be where they would say 'I do.'  When we arrived, I thought for sure we would get honked at from passersby and SnapChatted by the occasional pedestrian, but it was as if standing in plain sight ironically made us invisible.  And this is just what K & R wanted - to exchange handwritten vows at their private week day elopement, in the middle of Madison Avenue, shrouded by the greenery of their secret 'venue,' as the cars zoomed past unaware.