Summer Rain & Surprise Guests

Nestor’s proposal to Paula was so surprising that she thought for a few moments that he was joking until she noticed how nervous he was. It was all so unexpected because it was on a Friday after work. Nestor turned a mundane afternoon into the most special moment—what Paula describes as the most perfect proposal she could have ever dreamed of.

They did the same thing with their wedding – a small affair on a rainy Wednesday afternoon – turning mundane into magic.  The plan was for them to get married without any guests as Paula had dreamed of after falling in love with the concept when she saw it in the Italian film Casomai, 16 years prior.

But she had a secret up her sleeve! She brought Nestor’s best friend and his wife as surprise guests. He was so happy. Paula’s best friend sent me a recording to play for her during the ceremony. In Spanish, she recounted memories they’d had together and sent her best wishes to Paula and Nestor. It was so touching, hence Paula’s teary eyes (pictured below).

It was a beautiful evening in Central Park and we all celebrated with champagne under some summer rain.


Photos: Alex Kikis