‘How many selfies will you take to get it right?’: A new York City Love story.

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, or finding love on the Internet, or fate, Jessica and Luke’s love story will make you a believer of all three.

Growing up and spending the majority of their lives thousands and thousands of miles apart, in different time zones and on different continents, Jessica and Luke’s finding each other—through a Playbill, conversations with mutual friends on the train, and FaceTime—is kismet, to say the least. 

Their first FaceTime chat blended into a whole week of FaceTiming.  They planned to meet on the 4th of July but Luke ended up reaching out to Jessica's best friend, Carly, saying something along the lines of “I know you don’t know me but… I want you to help me surprise her a day early.”

So after cooking up a plan together, on July 3rd Carly took Jessica through the park.  It was really really hot out, Jessica recalls, and they were dancing to drummers, having a great time as always.  Jessica remarked how she had to head home soon to clean her apartment, shave her legs, and basically get everything together in time to meet Luke in person the next day. 

Carly convinced her to stay a little longer, and suggested they grab a Gatorade and sit down, seeing as they were super sweaty from dancing in the hot sun. 

Jessica sat down and started taking selfies of the two of them, until her phone rang. It was Luke: “Hey how many selfies will you take to get it right?” he asked. And then walked over with flowers to a completely surprised Jessica!

The moment they saw each other, they each knew. That’s the one.

They got married on another hot July day, not too much different than the day they first met.  Wedding venue? Central Park, of course. 


Tying the Knot in Midtown Traffic

Sometimes, the most peaceful spots in the city are found in the most unexpected places.  Like a hidden nook on an island separating 6 lanes of traffic.  This spot holds special meaning for K & R, who decided it would also be where they would say 'I do.'  When we arrived, I thought for sure we would get honked at from passersby and SnapChatted by the occasional pedestrian, but it was as if standing in plain sight ironically made us invisible.  And this is just what K & R wanted - to exchange handwritten vows at their private week day elopement, in the middle of Madison Avenue, shrouded by the greenery of their secret 'venue,' as the cars zoomed past unaware.