Wagner Cove Wedding & Love at First Dance

The way Andy and Angela's paths crossed was kismet.  It was Thanksgiving eve, when they met at a club called the Blind Tiger. But there really was nothing blind about their meeting, it was more like love at first sight. 

Journey’s song Faithfully played in the background and, Andy asked Angela to dance—something he can’t recall ever having done before with someone he had just met. They spent the night talking, laughing, singing with the band, and they shared their first kiss.

And as if the evening could not have been more meant to be, Andy asked Angela—someone whom hours before was a mere stranger, to accompany him to Vegas at the end of January.  Just in time for her birthday.  And Angela agreed! Jokingly, at first—but on a whim she went.  And this trip sealed their history, for they each said that this was when they knew they had fallen in love with the other.

Photos by Elvira Kalviste