From Kentucky to Brooklyn, an October love story

Eight years after they met on Twitter in 2011, Brea and DeArejon (lovingly known by all as Keeb) flew from their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and tied the knot on a private rooftop in DUMBO, Brooklyn. They were surrounded by their closest family members and were absolutely showered in love as they celebrated this mega milestone of their relationship.


Brea and Keeb were so much fun to work with, I recall having a Skype meeting with them where they made loving cracks at each other, while planning the perfect location spots, asking the best questions, reviewing ceremony details, and all the while being loving parents to their two small daughters who very much wanted their parents’ full attention at the time of the call. It struck me how much they loved laughing together, and how devoted they are to each other.


As we were communicating back and forth via email leading up to the big day, Brea remarked how very different Brooklyn is from Kentucky.  Brea and Keeb were both super focused on making sure all the details of their wedding day were exactly what they wanted; they never settled and it paid off big time. When their wedding day arrived, they lucked out with the most gorgeous October day – the kind of day where the sun sparkles everywhere you turn, the summer’s humidity has vanished as if it were never there, the air is crisp and warm all at the same time, and the city is positively bathed in delight and magic.


Brea’s grandmother, Pastor Ruth, shared her wisdom and sage advice. After recounting a bit more of their beautiful love story, they exchanged tearful and touching handwritten vows, followed up by a hand washing ceremony, symbolizing forgiveness and vulnerability.  Windswept, beaming with love and friendship, and overlooking striking views of the NYC skyline, Brea and Keeb were pronounced as married.

Rooftop romance or modern fairytale? We say, both.

Vendor team:

Photographer: Larisa Shorina Photography

Video: Joyce Films Cinematography

Flowers: Stems Brooklyn

Officiant: Mirelle of Honeybreak Officiants

See what I mean about that sparkly sunshine?

Getting ready with all the helpful hands! And an action shot of Brea and her dad en route to the ceremony.

Brea’s grandmother, Pastor Ruth, gave a poignant heartfelt speech about always being boyfriend and girlfriend.

It was such an honor to share their love story. It’s such a good one. Gosh, can you tell they love each other or what?!

Their vows were the real deal - not many dry eyes after that.

The handwashing ceremony, cleansing themselves of the past, and opening up to an even brighter future, together.

The sweetest family. Brea and Keeb’s daughters looking so stylish and matching from head to toe. I mean, can you handle this cuteness?

And off into magic hour they go, happily ever after. <3

All photos by Larisa Shorina Photography.